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Inspection calibration & certification

Personal gas detetcion equipment

Calibration and Service of your personal gas monitors and detectors is a key activity to ensure your units comply with legislation and regulations. Manufacturers of Gas monitors recommend that these meters are calibrated every 6/12 months to ensure the integrity of the sensors and confirm that the personal gas detector will alarm in the event of a toxic or flammable gas exposure. We can even carry out the calibration and service of your personal gas detectors.

Inflatble life jackets

As lifejackets spend much time in a harsh boating environment where they are often subject to heat, sun and salt, they are prone to damage. 
It is a legal requirement that inflatable lifejackets are to be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

Van Erp can provide out this service for you, after approval you will recieve a certicate


Immersion suits should be inspected by the crew monthly on board, according to SOLAS III/20.7 and MCS/Cric. 1047. It is also recommended that each suit is subjected to an air pressure test such as the following, at intervals not exceeding three years and more frequently for suits over ten years of age.

In addition, our service and repair department can inspect and repair your survival suits, floatation and safety equipment to ensure full operational capabilities

Fall Protection

Yearly inspection of al your fall protection equipment


        Annual inspection from

        Fixed CO2 Installation System :

        Fixed Novec / DCP  / FOAM / FM-200 Installation System :

  • Onboard Inspection and Servicing of Fixed Installation System ( 2 yearly, 5 yearly, 10 yearly, 15 yearly, 20 yearly)
  • Onboard Weighment of Cylinders by Liquid Level Indicator and Physical Weigh Scale.
  • Onboard Hydro Pressure Test of Fixed Line, Manifolds, Main Valve etc.
  • Inhouse Hydro Pressure Test of Cylinders.
  • Fire Extinguisers :

  • Complete onboard and inhouse Servicing, Refilling and Hydrotesting facilities for all types of Fire Extinguishers.
  • Onboard and inhouse Nitrogen Gas (N2) Refilling facility for Store Pressure type Fire Extinguishers.
  • Onboard & inhouse spare replacement of all types of Fire Extinguishers.
  • Complete inhouse Servicing and Refilling of all types of cartridges.
  • Breahting Apparatus & EEBD sets

  • Complete onboard and inhouse Servicing and Refilling of all types of B.A and EEBD  sets.
  • Complete inhouse Hydrotesting of all types of B.A and EEBD cylinders.
  • Complete onboard and inhouse B.A air purity test by advance Aero-test Simulation H.P Kit of Drager (Germany)


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